Souvlaki the Superiour Kebab Since 1985
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Nick's Place

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Own & Operate your own Nick's Place Store

 Are you the GO TO PERSON at the family BBQ? Do you enjoy simple food preparation? Like it when people praise you for the great meal you have made? Do you have the energy and passion to run your own business? Can you contribute to our group of stores with Ideas? Are you willing to learn & evolve with us? Well if Yes, we should talk because Nick's Place could be right for you!

Nick’s Place has been perfecting fine fast food & the Greek kebab since the mid 1980”s. Over those 30 years well lets just say we have picked up a few handy tips and perfected a number of processes & systems involved with running such a business  and making fine fast food. With these systems, our years of experience, support and premium products you can have the tools required to own & operate your own store.

The Nick's Place Diffrence

Souvlaki, It's the Greek kebab. The main difference compared to the other kebab stores is that all meat products are prepared by the store on site following simple recipes & procedures. The recipes use Mediterranean ingredients, healthy oils, wines, lemon juice, herbs and fresh meats (not frozen). The meats are skewered after the marinating process and then can be BBQ’d for serving in a Greek pita bread. There are no processed meats or vertical rotisserie like the Doner meat as per the Middle Eastern kebab stores.  (The risk of contamination from a stack of meat spinning around all day at room temperature is very high! Something we like to remind the public)

The competition within kebab shops is very limited mostly to your typical Turkish & Mid East type kebabs that purchase their Doner meat stack premade frozen from a third party supplier. Most stores use the same company that has a large market share, usually supplied cheap from the east coast. The product is frozen and the ingredients are unknown as they are prepared elsewhere by the third party. Once experienced the difference in quality of a freshly BBQ'd Nick's Place Souvlaki there is no going back to the others. Our reviews definitely speak for them self.

Lets get the Souvlaki Rolling then!